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Auto Glass Repair Service And Covid 19

Auto Glass Repair Service And Covid 19

2020 has been a very unfortunate and uncertain year for all of us. COVID-19 has taken over the news. In spite of such circumstances, professionals at Glassfixit are always available for assistance, guidance, and more. We aim to bring back normalcy while taking the necessary precautions and safety measures, which is of utmost importance. Our company monitors the guidelines passed by the ‘World Health Organisation’ and the respective Governments, too. 

It is crucial to provide primary medical needs to the employees and get them tested. This way, a foundation of trust as well as medical validation can prove their ability to carry out the tasks. Automobile companies are considered to be essential services, as they are responsible for supplying motor parts and maintenance of the vehicles. As a result, it is made sure that we take maximum precautions. The key task carried out at the workshop is ‘sanitization’ of the repair center and facilities. Maintaining hygiene in the workshop is highly needed due to the given situation. Several parts of the car come in contact with human body parts, such as the car handles, steering wheels. Additionally, the technicians wear gloves and a mask at all times to avoid the risk of contracting the disease. Also, Glassfixit offers ‘At-Home’ assistance that requires the technician to deliver their services at home. This method proves beneficial to the customer, as it saves their time and effort. Placing an appointment can be done online or by calling their centers. Another aspect that we take into consideration is the training of the employees. They are instructed to pay special attention to the places like the seats, steering wheels, clutches in the car.       

Here, at Glassfixit, staffs who feel sick to stay at home until they feel better and take the required medication and tests, imposing strict hygiene policies for safer services are a few measures that must be taken. Another major point to be noted is the transaction of money. It is advised to proceed with the payment over your mobile phone to minimize contact between individuals. A variety of payment options are available today due to the vast enhancement in digital media. Thus, the customers can transact money using contactless means. A debit card or credit card can also be of use in these regards. Due to the current scenario, we have prepared a set of protocols that makes it easier for our customers to comprehend. The protocols include- 

Maintain at least 6 feet distance from other individuals (if a task is being carried out in workspace). 

Wear gloves and masks at all times.

Provide contactless payment options.

Use disinfectants and sanitizers to efficiently and safely conduct the repair services. 

In the end, your safety is what matters the most. Your health and wellbeing are important to our industry. Hence, we must expect similar measures and efforts from your side as well. We cannot stop the virus from spreading, but we can surely try to reduce the risk to a minimum and simultaneously provide our facilities to you.