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Reasons Why Windshields Crack

Reasons Why Windshields Crack

We all take our windshields for granted and never consider it as a vital component of the vehicle as it carries out its task with least nuisance. However, once a crack has appeared on the shield, we become conscious of the fact that this element, which is often overlooked while purchasing an automobile has significant importance. After all, it is a glass; and glass is fragile. While we can understand that windshields crack due to heavy objects impacting it, sometimes we fail to decipher the real cause of a crack. Well, obviously windshields don’t just crack for ‘no reason’. There are innumerable reasons that cause a windshield to crack.

The first plausible cause for cracks in windshields is the change in pressure. These include changes in the wind pressure, or even heavy-weight objects that temporarily rest on the glass. Many-a-times, cars somewhere near ‘explosion-prone’ zones also tend to undergo this process of cracking because of the shockwaves which swiftly affect the atmospheric pressure.

Another ubiquitous cause for cracks is the change in the temperature. For example, during summers, the windshields can crack due to the cold air conditioning that passes across it. Similarly, during the cold seasons, cracks can occur if hot water is passed on an icy windscreen. We must be mindful of these causes.
This is quite rare, but nevertheless; a mild possibility. Although factory-installed glasses are usually of high quality and standards, sometimes they may not be installed as accurately as they should be. This will eventually lead to cracks or even worse accidents.

Another limited possible case is the quality of the glass which acts as a windshield. In such cases, we must approach the windshield repair workshops and replace it as soon as possible to avoid mishaps or contact the automobile company and clarify your problem.

Of course, behind all of these causes are simple science reasons. As the temperature increases or decreases, the windscreen contracts and expands accordingly. If occurs continuously, the glass gradually loses its compatibility and thus, defects are formed. Damage does not have a specific prototype and thus, cannot be identified in a certain manner. Hence, referring to skilled technicians can help improve the condition of the screen and understand the issue thoroughly.

Glassfixit purely aims to assist and guide the customers with the best possible facilities and resources. We also provide highly trained workers who offer their services with the intention of supporting and grasping the customers problems. In the end, what truly matters is the care and attention you have towards your shield.