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Vin Number On Windshield

Vin Number On Windshield

What is a VIN:

VIN, an abbreviation for Vehicle Identification Number, is a crucial identification number which is utilised by automobile shops while replacing the glass. It is widely referred as a ‘chassis number’. A VIN consists of a 17-digit number. Knowing your car’s VIN helps in easier understanding of replacement of the glass along with its specifications. For this purpose, it is necessary to know where the VIN is located. A car’s VIN is unique. Similar to that of a human’s fingerprint, each car has a different VIN. Having access to this 17-digit number gives a lot of information regarding the car’s make, model, place of manufacturing, year of creation, etc. This proves extremely beneficial to the workers at the auto glass replacement service plant. Typically, a vehicle identification number cannot include the letters I, O or Q as it closely resembles the numbers ‘one’ and ‘zero’. The first three characters of a VIN reveal the World Manufacturer Identifier. These characters help in understanding the country of origin. The next six characters are called Vehicle Descriptor Section, which describes the body style, number of doors and engine of the car. The latter eight characters are known as the Vehicle Identifier Section. These characters explain simple car information like the plant and year in which it was manufactured. Carmakers started making VIN’s in the 1950s. They were standardised in 1981.

Where can I find the VIN on my car:

You can locate the VIN in several places on the vehicle. One of the prominent places where the VIN can be found is on the base of the windshield near the driver’s side. It can also be found underneath the spare tire. In older vehicles, it is found on the front or wheels of the car. However, the easiest method is to stand outside the vehicle and view the VIN on the driver’s wing. One can always click a picture of the VIN and store it in your mobile phone to have access to it all the time. Scratches shouldn’t be there on the VIN sheet of the windscreen. If it appears to be tampered, you must alert the police authorities.

Benefits of having a VIN:

One major benefit of having a VIN is that it provides as a tool for identifying a stolen vehicle. Thus, it reduces the chances of robbery. Having a VIN could also get you a discount on car premium insurances. 

Where is the VIN located at home: At home, one can find their car’s VIN in the vehicle title documentation, insurance cards. The VIN can also be found in body shop repair documents, owner’s manuals. You can refer to the car’s paperwork files as well. It may be helpful to note that modern VIN’s are based on two standards issued by the ISO (International Standardisation Organisation).

How is my VIN used:

Much like our genetic material, VIN helps in tracking down the origin of the car company plant. A VIN is beneficial when the glass requires replacement as it helps in improved understanding of the manufacturer’s model and size. It makes replacement a much easier task for the technicians as well. Hence, knowing your VIN will help the experts at Glassfixit to carry out tasks with more efficiency and better results. We use your VIN to get hold of the right type of glass for your vehicle. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with us today!