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Reasons Why You Should Install A Heated Windshield

Reasons Why You Should Install A Heated Windshield

The windshields on our cars are often something that we easily overlook when deciding to upgrade aspects of our beloved vehicles. Instead, we tend to focus on upgrading our tires or our sound systems when really we should be upgrading our basic windshield into a heated one. There are numerous benefits to making this change but first, let’s explain exactly what a heated windshield is.

What is a heated windshield?

Firstly, a heated windshield is an upgrade from a regular windshield, which raises the temperature on the surface of the glass windshield to defrost it, giving you better visibility whilst driving and preventing condensation from building up during your journey. You can have heated windshields installed on both your front and back windshields, but some cars now come with a heated windshield pre-installed before you buy them! A heated windshield can be used to remove snow, mist and ice from your windshield, making it one of the handiest upgrades you will probably ever add to your car.

How does it work?

So, how does it work exactly? It is all made possible by having a thin layer of tungsten wire layered into the windshield glass, which is surrounded by silver or zinc oxide coating. When you turn on your heated windscreen, the wires will heat up and melt any ice or frost on your window. A heated windshield will work even better in conjunction with heated wiper blades which also help to maintain good visibility during the frosty weather. But, you must remember to turn your car on when you are using the heated windshield as it may drain your battery.

What are the benefits?

Besides the fact that a heated windshield will improve your visibility by clearing away any annoying frost very quickly, it will also save you time. By having a heated windscreen installed, you will not need to leave extra time in the mornings before work to try and defog your windscreen by turning on your car’s heaters. As most drivers will know, this can take a very long time and can be incredibly frustrating, particularly when you are in a hurry. It is also extremely dangerous to attempt driving with a windshield that is not fully clear from frost or ice, so by having a heated windshield which solves the problem in minutes you will never be tempted to take such a dangerous risk. 

A heated windshield will also save you money in the long-term. By having a heated windshield installed you won’t need to purchase de-icer sprays ever again or ice scrapers. This also means that you do not need to do any manual work either to help your car defrost; rather, you can just sit back and relax whilst the heated windshield does it all for you. You could look past all of these personal benefits and decide that you are willing to put up with the inconvenience of waiting for your heater to defrost your windshield every morning, but leaving your car idling for so long is not good for the environment. So really, investing in a heated windshield is not just great for you personally, but it is also better for the planet.

Heated windshield installation and repairment

If your car does not come with a heated windshield already installed, then you can have one installed at a specialist garage. However, should you require a heated windshield replacement due to damage, then GlassFixit would be able to repair your windshield for you. After noticing damage to your windshield, you need to have it repaired fairly quickly so that the system can continue to function as it should. You also need to remember to tell the company doing the repairs that it is a heated windshield, as a special type of glass will need to be ordered for the repair. It is usually as simple as just removing the wires for the heated windshield system from your damaged windshield and into your new one. So the repair should not take too much time out of your day or inconvenience you too much whilst your car is off the road being repaired. 

In short, once you have installed a heated windshield, you will wonder how you ever coped without! For those who stay in cold climates, this added feature is especially useful during the winter months and can save you a significant amount of time and money. A heated windshield also won’t inconvenience you any more than a normal windshield replacement would if you require it.