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(408) 564-0419 (408) 564-0419
504 Emory St, San Jose, California 95110

Carlex Windshield Replacement

Carlex products can be found in the world’s finest automobiles. Their vision is to make driving experiences safer, more enjoyable and more energy efficient through clearly visionary solutions. Furthermore, Carlex is the only plant in the United States where raw materials are brought in on one side and finished windshields and tempered products are shipped out the other. The philosophy at their company is simple and sharp – They are clearly visionary people dedicated to exceptional quality, focused service, excellent response time and environmental consciousness.

The origins of Carlex can be traced back to 1936 when Central Glass Co. Ltd., then known as Ube Soda Industry Co. Ltd., was first established in Japan. Carlex Glass Co. was established as a joint venture with Ford Motor Co. and later became solely owned by Central Glass. Since being established, Carlex has focused on one thing: a commitment to excellence in providing the best automotive glass products to its global customers.

Now with 10 automotive glass locations across the U.S., Europe, and Asia, together with its parent company Central Glass, Carlex continues to provide best-in-class glazing products that make the driving experience safer, more enjoyable and more energy efficient for all. At Carlex, they know that serving a car owner ultimately means better serving car manufacturers and designers and those who service and repair cars. This company firmly believes in value-based leadership and have chosen Value-Based Leadership so everyone at Carlex can grow, develop and achieve their professional goals in an environment that earns trust, fosters excellence, and builds lasting relationships.

Tetsuo Tim Kanai is the Chief Executive Officer of Carlex, and has authority over all human resource and budgetary control matters in the company. He joined Central Glass Co., Ltd. in April 1988. Carlex fosters a culture rooted in ethics, integrity, respect, safety, quality, teamwork, accountability, customer focus and environmental stewardship. We encourage employees to challenge and improve our processes, and supervisors to lead according to the Servant Leadership paradigm. One will notice that a few of their Original Equipment partners include BMW, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Bugatti, and many more renowned car brands and companies. Carlex has a proven reputation for consistent product quality and are committed to providing the best products – products of unmatched quality and value – made the right way, every time. They combine their principles with innovation of advanced products, state-of-the-art-design, an established and supportive supply base, world-class manufacturing, waste reduction and recycling. At Carlex, innovation and technology are a constant part of the day-to-day mission. They also pride themselves to have generations of skilled glassmakers, engineers and researchers are working on developing everything we imagine, touch, test and deliver.

Carlex replacement glass is designed and built to the highest quality standards and meets or exceeds all federal safety standards for automotive glass. This company also has a proven reputation for consistent product quality. Their Research and Development teams are situated on three continents in four time zones, to provide better services and always be accessible. A major breakthrough would be their significant contribution to develop the world’s lightest homologated windshield in October, 2019. The people at Carlex have always believed in giving back to the community. In the past few months, they have hosted canned food, book, school supply and blood drives. Their joint vision is to be a global glass leader, most respected for delivering high-quality products and demonstrating outstanding performance.

Their values include safety, teamwork, excellence, trust and are customer focused, too. Guided by a relentless focus on these values, they partner with their people to ensure they have everything they need to excel in their professional and personal lives. As of October 30th, the Aftermarket Replacement Glass Division of Carlex Glass America was recognized as a top-performing global supplier at the 22nd annual Ford World Excellence Awards and Carlex was announced as a Ford World Excellence Awards FCSD Gold winner during Ford Motor Company’s virtual event.