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(408) 564-0419 (408) 564-0419
504 Emory St, San Jose, California 95110

Fuyao Automobile Windshield Replacement

Since 1987, parent company Fuyao Group, has been producing exceptional automotive glass for the OEM and ARG markets. It was established as a joint venture company in 1987 and is headquartered in Fuqing, Fujian. Founded by Cao Dewang and several business partners, Fuyao Group has a strong sense of responsibility towards the society with the concept of “A Better Fuyao, A Better World.” The core values of this company are diligence, simplicity, learning and innovation.

Their company supplies the OEM and ARG glasses to the most top tier car brands. Fuyao is consistently recognized year after year for the products, innovation, and the commendable service they have to offer, along with their outstanding services. Apart from being a renowned auto glass supplier, they also aim to create a low carbon environment by providing solar glass. Their priority is our safety and comfort.

Hence, they offer HUD (Heads Up Display; Automobiles currently assisted with this feature: Cadillac ATS, Audi A6) windshields which reduce the frequency of the driver looking down to see the instrument. They also avoid outside interference from distracting the driver, increasing the reaction rate. They also facilitate hydrophobic, soundproof, electrochromic and heating glass, all of which benefit and improve the safety conditions of the driver.

Fuyao has a very modern outlook towards the development of the various features of a car. As for the research and development sector of the company, they are quite advanced. The Fuyao Group has 4 R&D centers across the globe, specifically dedicated to make the production of OEM and ARG glass better. These 4 centers include- 

  1. NEW MATERIALS RESEARCH- Accessories ink, etc.
  2. NEW EQUIPMENT RESEARCH- Quality inspection, etc. 
  3. NEW TECHNOLOGY- Ultra thin glass, large glass sphere. 
  4. NEW PRODUCT RESEARCH- Coated glass, coated antenna, solar sunroof, etc. 

Over the years, Fuyao has proved to be extremely reliable due to their fast shipping and cost competitive atmosphere. They have definitely set high standards as a system supplier for the Auto Glass Industry. They consider themselves to be a legacy of trust and experience and a past, present and future industry leader. In 2015, Fuyao established its 1st manufacturing plants in the United States and started shipping glass from the World’s Largest Auto Glass manufacturing site in Dayton Ohio. Also, Fuyao has nearly doubled its need for employees just in the first year, and has already begun shipping glass several months ahead of the original plans. Additional Fuyao Group investments in the Dayton Region are already planned.

They currently manufacture roughly 4 million OEM and ARG glasses per annum. At the moment, Fuyao has plants worldwide. A few of the countries are Germany, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. They also serve the aftermarket product with OEM quality Auto Glass. In the year 2009, they were bestowed with the VW group, ‘Supplier of the Year Award’. They are constantly evolving our glass technologies to set trends rather than following them. Thus, with their commitment towards the glass industry, Fuyao has cemented itself as a trusted brand leader for decades to come.