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Pilkington Windshield Replacement

The NSG Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems. They focus on three major business areas: Architectural Glass Products, Automotive and Technical Glass. Founded in 1918, NSG Group acquired the leading UK-based glass manufacturer Pilkington plc in June 2006. Today, the Company has combined sales of just over JPY 627 billion, with manufacturing operations in 28 countries and sales in 105 countries, employing some 27,000 people worldwide.

Out of the three sectors as mentioned above, automotive glass serves the original equipment, aftermarket replacement and specialized transport glazing markets. Pilkington Automotive is the global number one in AGR distribution & wholesale. As well as its major OE facilities within each region, Pilkington operates additional capacity focused on production for the aftermarket.

They have also developed wholesale networks in Europe, North America and Japan. Their company has smaller businesses in Asia and South America.  This combined regional presence makes Pilkington Automotive the largest player globally in AGR distribution and wholesale. It is also worth noting that Pilkington Automotive operates as a single global organisation serving the Original Equipment (OE) and Automotive Glass Replacement (AGR) Aftermarket sectors.

Their products include advanced solar control glass for passenger comfort, glass heating systems to control condensation and icing, security glazing and glazing systems, including encapsulations, extrusions and components, added after basic manufacturing. For providing comfort to the driver while travelling, they offer heated glazing that de-ice and de-mist either part or the whole of the windshield and ‘hydrophobic glazing’, specifically designed to improve driver’s visibility during the monsoons. By controlling the contact angle of raindrops landing on the body glass, water is quickly dispersed thereby improving the view throughout vehicle windows. Due to its geographic prominence and technological enhancements, Pilkington plays a key role in the vehicle development process.

The vast majority of the Group’s OE production is focused on the volume light vehicle industry, serving all of the world’s major vehicle manufacturers (VMs), including Toyota, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, VW, Renault/Nissan, Fiat, Honda, PSA Peugeot-Citroën and BMW, together with their respective subsidiary brands. They have glazing facilities in Europe, China, Japan and many more countries. Pilkington Automotive conducts R&D at its European Technology Centre in the UK and also in Sagamihara, Japan, Toledo, USA, Witten, Germany and Turin, Italy and invest around £29 million a year in research and development focused on product development and manufacturing efficiency improvement. They are constantly looking for new benefits to bring to the customers. One major innovation introduced by Pilkington is their Pilkington Sundym™ Select laminated glazing. This feature allows the driver complete control of light levels within the vehicle. It also combines state of the art infrared reflective technology with enhanced ultra violet protection to provide the highest level of solar protection.

Presently, Pilkington has developed a large number of glass operations around the world, each with their local identity and supply their products in most parts of the world. The mission of the NSG Group is to be the global leader in innovative high-performance glass and glazing solutions, contributing to energy conservation and generation, working safely and ethically.