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(408) 564-0419 (408) 564-0419
504 Emory St, San Jose, California 95110

PPG (PGW) Windshield Replacement

PPG, short for Pittsburgh Plate Glass, was founded in 1883, by Captain John B. Ford and John Pitcairn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During the 1900s, PPG becomes one of the first U.S. firms to expand operations in Europe, acquiring a glass plant in Belgium. The enterprise primarily focused on innovation and quality. Even 135 years later, PPG is still dedicated to these priorities. As of today, their company is a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, and specialty materials.

Through leadership in innovation, sustainability and colour, PPG helps customers in industrial, transportation, consumer products, and construction markets and aftermarkets to enhance more surfaces in several ways. According to statistics from December 2019, they have provided work for approximately 6,500 employees in the Asia Pacific region itself. Through the spirit of giving back to the community, in 2019, the PPG Foundation invested nearly $12 million in communities around the world.

Michael H. McGarry is chairman and chief executive officer of PPG. He became chairman of the board September 1, 2016, after transitioning into the CEO role in September 2015. PPG strongly believes that excellence in business and high ethical standards go hand in hand. They are greatly committed to providing employees with a safe, healthy and fulfilling work environment and furnishing goods and services that meet the customers’ and society’s needs. Information on PPG’s various ethics policies, including the Trade Compliance Policy, is contained in the Global Code of Ethics.

PPG provides the technology, service, and process excellence expected from high-tier suppliers and OEMs alike. PPG strives to provide the lowest risk and highest yield rate for these global Automotive Parts and Accessories customers and uses its extensive OEM expertise and the latest technologies to develop its range of product and process based Bodyshop solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of products that are easy to use and flexible in their approach. PPG was also the first to introduce breakthrough automotive coating technologies such as, cathodic electrocoat, powder clearcoat, compact paint systems and factory-applied spray-in bedliners. Even today, they operate automotive OEM coating facilities worldwide with manufacturing sites located in every region. Since its start in 1924, their automotive OEM coatings has been at the forefront of innovation. In the year 2019, they invested approximately $456 million dollars on carrying out research and development. PPG engages their employees in meaningful community service, helps students explore new horizons in science-related fields, and encourage the innovative use of their products to transform neighbourhoods.

They passionately foster community involvement within their company to make their commitment to “protect and beautify the world” more relevant than ever. They help future innovators spark a passion for experimentation and learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and support young people pursuing their studies in these fields as a way of enabling endless possibilities through discoveries and curiosities. Currently, they have established more than 300 community partners worldwide.

Presently, PPG continues to accelerate the pace of its business portfolio transformation and to grow its position as the leading global coatings and specialty products company. They have founded over 156 manufacturing facilities worldwide and have a vision to be the world’s leading coatings company by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to protect and beautify their products and surroundings.