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Quarter Glass

What is a Quarter glass

The small, wedge-shaped windows that are generally positioned near the joints of your car and are referred to as quarter windows. These windows are normally the end piece of glass on either side of the vehicle. Quarter windows are placed at the front or rear end of the car, along with the retractable windows. Such windows are also recognised as ‘quarterlite’ or even ‘valence windows’ (in older vehicles). Quarter windows were introduced in the market in the 1950s. A quarter glass is basically a side window. Unlike, vent windows, a quarter glass cannot open.

Whatever term it may be described as, a quarter glass has a very important role in a car with respect to the safety and security of the passengers. Although it may not be used for primarily delivering a natural source of ventilation, it provides a wider, all-round vision to the driver, thus ensuring improved visibility while manoeuvring the car. The term ‘quarter’ is obtained from the fact that the size of this type of glass is roughly quarter the size of the main windows and is triangular in shape.

Does my car have a quarter window

Typically, modern cars do include quarter windows, but their purpose is less significant as compared to earlier generations. The reason behind this is the absence of air conditioning. As a result, quarter and vent windows were solely responsible for cross-ventilation and sufficient breathing space for the driver and passengers travelling in the vehicle. This type of glass was particularly famous before the emergence of AC in cars.

With more focus shifted towards the comfort of the customers, the use of opening quarter glasses was eventually discontinued. A quarter glass is mainly made of heat-hardened tempered glass, and if hit by a hard object, it breaks into tiny pieces to prevent major harm to the persons inside.

Do I need to get my quarter window fixed or replaced

As quarter windows are more than often made from the same material as that of the rear windshields, it is advised to address a professional if the pane is impacted by a certain debris. Also, several people are under the impression that replacement of the quarter glass is low-priced due to its small size. However, this depends on the company of the car, or the intensity of the crack. Any defect noticed in this part of the car could potentially affect the integrity and overall structure of the car. Consequently, it is necessary to pay special attention to these parts as well.

How to replace a quarter glass

When a quarter glass is stationary, it can be replaced in a manner similar to that of a windshield. The new panel of glass should be carefully placed in the space. After fitting the pane, apply the adhesives and let it set.

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