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Side car window replacement

Here we will be answering some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the side car window that is found on many different vehicles. Knowing as much as you can about this window will help you greatly when it comes to getting it fixed. So read on for all of the information you could need to know about the side car window and how and when you should get it replaced.

What is the side car window?

This is the window frequently found just forward of the front drivers and passenger side car windows and just behind the rear passenger door windows.

The side car window is also known as the “quarter-glass” and may be referred to as such by certain people.

Not all vehicles have these windows so there may a chance that this information doesn’t apply to you. But if you do have the side window then you should be paying attention to this information as it may help you out someday.

You should not that some people may well refer to the door windows as the side windows. Due to their complexity and location, these may cost significantly more to replace and will likely be illegal to drive without due to the fact that covering the space with plastic will restrict your view.

When should you replace the side window?

As with all windows in the vehicle, should they become damaged you should seek professional assistance as soon as possible to get them replaced to prevent any further damage to the vehicle and any potential injury to the passengers.

In some areas and countries, you may see people driving around with plastic bags or other materials covering the hole where a side window once was. Whilst this may not be illegal where you are, this is certainly not advisable and you should seek help sooner rather than later to get it replaced.

The windows are there for a reason and you should always have them replaced when damaged as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget that without the window you no longer have a physical barrier preventing access to the vehicle. Anyone can simply reach in and unlock your doors incredibly easily, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to further damage and even theft.

How much does it cost to replace the side car window?

The price of a replacement side window is going to vary dramatically depending on a few different factors.

Firstly how badly damaged is the window frame? Will it require bodywork to ensure that the glass sits correctly in the frame, to begin with? Is the glass easy to source due to the vehicle being rare or uncommon? How long is the work likely to take from start to end?

Realistically you are probably going to be looking anywhere around $150-200 plus. However, if you are having a chip fixed, rather than the whole window replaced, your insurance may well cover it for you so it would be worth speaking to them before any work is carried out. This is because they may want you to use their own vetted glass repair specialist who will either come to you or provide you with instructions for booking in with them.

Who can replace your side window?

Your side windows should only be replaced by a qualified and trained person who knows what they are doing. It may not seem that complex to replace a simple piece of glass, however not doing it properly can cause serious damage to the passengers should the window every be impacted in an accident.

If the window isn’t sealed correctly as well it can also become a serious security issue as the window could be dislodged easily by any would-be thief. You don’t want to risk car theft just because you “can do it yourself”. You may also inadvertently cause further damage that will require expensive repairs in the future.

The process shouldn’t take too long to carry out once they actually start working on your car so don’t be put off by how long you think it might take. Just book the car in with someone and get it done. Unless you are specifically trained in such repair and have access to the correct parts and tools, you shouldn’t attempt to repair it yourself.


Your side window is an integral part of your safety in the vehicle as well as your comfort. Having it fixed or replaced isn’t as hard of a job as you might think and may not cost as much as you might think. But you should always strive to have such damage repaired ASAP in order to maximize your safety and comfort.