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Your Simple Guide To Sunroof Glass

A sunroof might be one of your favorite features in your car. It allows for the passenger cab to flood with light and let in the fresh air. You might not consider that sunroof glass can be just as vulnerable to damage as other auto glass, but if your sunroof glass shatters, it can be an especially jolting experience.

Understanding your sunroof puts you in the best position to ensure that any damage that occurs is dealt with quickly to ensure the continued safety and integrity of your vehicle. Thankfully, if any accident were to occur, sunroof glass can be repaired or replaced just like any other auto glass. Be confident that your new knowledge means that your security doesn’t have to hang in the balance.

Types of Sunroof Glass

There are two main glass types used by the auto industry for sunroofs, and they both have benefits and drawbacks. It’s always helpful to have some knowledge of the types used, as it’ll get you back on the road quicker if you do have to repair or replace in the future.

Tempered Auto Glass

Tempered isn’t the same as standard glass, and that’s all down to how it’s made. Tempered glass is created when the glass is heated and then quickly cooled. This process gives the glass complex structural integrity. But what does this mean for you? It makes the glass more robust than regular annealed glass. So when conventional glass breaks, it breaks into large and irregular pieces. Tempered glass, however, shatters into tiny pieces. These small pieces mean that any breaks that happen are much safer for you inside the car.

Laminated Auto Glass

There have been cases of tempered sunroof glass spontaneously breaking, so many car manufacturers have switched to laminated auto glass. With laminated glass, there is a layer of clear plastic that sits between two thin sheets of glass. The addition of a plastic layer means that the glass can break without shattering completely as the plastic helps to retain some strength to the glass.
It also helps to know what type of sunroof you have installed in your vehicle. There are both fixed and sliding variations available, and you must advise any professional doing repair or replacement work of the type ahead of time.

Why Might Sunroof Glass Break?

Just like with any auto glass, there are several reasons your sunroof glass might break. If you are lucky enough to have a panoramic sunroof, the larger expanse of glass can mean a higher risk of breakage.

Spontaneous auto glass breakage can occur if your sunroof is made of tempered glass. This type of breakage doesn’t necessarily happen because of debris hitting the glass. Any flaw can cause the glass to shatter, and invariably it’s one that has found its way into the glass during manufacture. Thankfully, as this phenomenon seems to only happen with tempered glass, it’s isn’t as dangerous as it sounds. The experience is no doubt jolting, but as tempered glass is made to break into tiny pieces, injury from the breaking glass is rare.

Accidents can happen anywhere, and it’s no different when it comes to your sunroof glass. Stray rocks, debris and tree branches can all cause problems if they manage to catch your sunroof. It always pays to check your sunroof glass for cracks and chips regularly. You might not notice them as quickly as other auto glass, and it can make a difference between having to repair or replace.

Repair or Replace?

Whether you repair or replace your sunroof glass comes down to how extensive the damage. The average cost to replace the glass will range from $300 – $400, including parts needed and labour. The repair will be costed based on the extent of restoration required in each case. It can save you a lot of money to repair sunroof glass rather than have a full sunroof replacement, but the cost shouldn’t be your primary concern. It comes down to safety and the durability of the sunroof.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always approach a skilled professional whenever damage occurs. You want an expert consultation whos main priority is your continued security.

Here at Glassfixit, we continually strive to provide the best advice to each customer based on their individual situation. Our highly trained staff always have customer safety at the forefront of all work and aim to support customers with the best possible equipment and resources.