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Truck Back window

What are truck sliders

When we talk about sliders, it is often with reference to the glass of automobiles like trucks. Famously known as rear sliders, such types of glass are quite unique, especially in the auto glass industry in the sense that not all trucks have the ubiquitous sloping single-screen windshields like those found in cars (Rear/back windshields). Usually for pickup trucks, this glass provides safety to the car driver and supplies ample ventilation as well. It is very common for a truck to include a truck back window, also known as a truck slider glass. These types of windows can be compared to rear windshields of a car due to the close similarity in their structure.

Features of a truck back window

A truck slider’s features depend on the model and company. If one closely follows the transitions of such sliders from earlier times, it is evident that earlier, sliders were designed to provide exposure to air in non-AC vehicles. Now, their primary function is to facilitate safety and security to the passengers within. The changes can be seen in the modern sliders with their slim, finished frames and sleek glasses, secured with strong metal or plastic latches.

Now, car companies have introduced the comprisal of solar privacy features to their glasses to avoid the sun’s glare in the trucks. In most cases, a truck back window must include weathertight designs and must have a smooth slide capability. Customisation is accessible depending on the number of window panels. Rear window sliders are available in varying sizes and options. The most common types of rear truck windows are slider, roll-down and fixed glasses.

Another necessary feature is its resistance against water leaks. For this purpose, it must include double-lipped seals to avoid water leakage during the monsoons. Also, if a person wishes to, they can install a theft detection latch which enables safety of the truck, thus reducing the chances of burglary. The type of tempered glass can be tailored as per the customer’s needs.

In today’s huge and variety-packed market, one can find endless options of auto glass; from ‘Solar Privacy’ features to ‘Privacy Tints’. Several people realise that driving with a broken or cracked window can be detrimental and hazardous to the safety of the passengers. Thus, if the screen is affected due to specific reasons, you must get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible, to avoid potential mishaps. Many-a-times, the rear glass breaks due to burglary attempts, car accidents or even the impact of heavy objects on the screen. At the first sign of trouble or irregularity in the functioning of the truck back window, it is highly recommended to approach professionals.

Truck Back Window Replacement Services at ‘Glassfixit’

Rather than performing the task of replacing the glass on your own, you must reach out to our technicians so as to receive a sustainable solution. Glassfixit is a company that is affiliated with experts and we provide our best services to you. So, whenever your truck back window is need of a replacement, do not hesitate to contact us and procure our elite assistance, along with necessary safety precautions. Contact our closest workshop today to schedule a slot.