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Vent Windows

Introduction to Vent Windows

It is pretty fathomable for one to often overlook this element of a car, but a vent window is one simple feature of the car that has been gradually disappearing from the automobile industry. To make it easier for you to understand what a vent window is, let us take you back to the 1960s and 1970s, when Air conditioning in cars was considered quite a luxury. Instead, we had vent windows. Even today, quite a lot of folks jokingly describe a vent window as the ‘Poor man’s air conditioning’.

Benefits and prominence of vent windows today

Vent Windows are small, triangular and pivoting windows fitted into the main window, usually next to the retractable windows to deliver adequate ventilation to the passengers. Vent windows are different from quarter glasses, when they can tilt open. In modern cars, almost none of the vent glasses can open. As opposed to early eras, cars which provide in-built AC now, rarely produce vent windows. As a result, we see a somewhat smaller number of cars including such windows. Their presence has certainly become obsolete and barely recognised while purchasing a vehicle. Furthermore, experts claim that modern cars function more efficiently with the ‘Air conditioning’ against the open windows. Although this may seem quite surprising, this is what the professionals have to say.

The greater the pace, the less fuel competent the car will be with the windows down. The existence of vent windows began declining from the market in the 1980s, with the launch of AC privileges for all. Nowadays, cars are manufactured taking into consideration the aerodynamics of the automobile. Most companies focus on supplying AC comfort and luxury, rather than the functions that can be offered by a vent window, which has resulted in its drastic downgrade in the market. Naturally one does question the reason for its steady disappearance, but technological development clears all doubts. With constant advancement in this sector, it is but only expected to accept the diminishing of a few elements for the grand introduction of another. A vent window is beneficial for safety purposes so as to have a quick glance while switching lanes, etc. The prime function of a vent window is to ease off heat while driving a car.

How to fix your vent window

If you experience damage to the glass, you can contact our ‘Side Auto Glass Repair service’ to assist you. Safety with respect to glass is not only limited to the windshield, but also other parts such as the sliders, quarter glass, rear windscreen, sunroof, or even side windshield.

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