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Car Window Tinting in San Jose

Car Window tinting is generally the application of laminated film in the interior or exterior of window glass surfaces in trucks, cars, boats, and also in homes and buildings. Just like every other car maintenance or tune-up, applying the thin film, which is usually made from polyethylene terephthalate, offers more than just improving the vehicle’s aesthetics.

There are various reasons why a car owner will decide to tint their car windows. Improving the aesthetic feel in a car could dominate the motives behind the practice, but there are other legitimate reasons as well. Be that as it may, it equally gives long-lasting advantages to you and your car.
Here is a list of circumstances in which customers may opt for a window tinting service.

Protection from ultraviolet rays

Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight or Ultraviolet Rays (UV) causes harm to the skin through the darkening, burns, and premature aging. It also ranks high among the causes of skin cancer globally. Several studies have suggested that a substantial amount of damage from the harmful UV rays can be blocked by window tinting.

Privacy and security

Window tinting offers considerable privacy to the driver and occupants of the vehicle. It keeps off prying eyes while you drive along the streets. Valuables left in a car while it is parked will remain out of sight as it becomes very difficult for an intruder to peep into the glass to see valuables left in a vehicle. Also, hoodlums will find it hard to break through the filmed glass and get into your vehicle.

Keeps car upholstery from fading

Applying film to car windows reduces the wear and tear of car upholstery, thereby prolonging its span. Intense sun exposure to a car’s interior causes cracks, deforming, and fading of its upholstery. This can be controlled by installing the window film to block the sun rays.

Protection from shattered glass

One underrated advantage of installing a film over your car window is that, in the event of an auto crash, the driver and passengers may be shielded from flying glass debris as a result of the impact. This is mostly not thought of. Glass shards from car crashes have caused injuries to lots of accident victims, which could have been prevented.

Laws Related to Car Window Tinting in San Jose, California

Car window tinting may be problematic when the amount of visible light that transmits through car windows at night is reduced. This makes it difficult for motorists to see through other car windows to spot an impending hazard. Tinting car windows makes it difficult for security enforcement agencies like the police to identify occupants or possible threats in a tinted vehicle due to bad visibility. As a result, some laws regulate how car windows may be tinted, and this varies from state to state. A typical example is California, where window coloring is allowed uniquely for the side windows to the back of the driver. Back windows might be colored, however, only if the vehicle has outside mirrors on the two sides that give a view of 200 feet. This means that the highest part of the windscreen may be colored.

Car Window Tinting FAQs:

Is window tinting good for your car?

Window Tinting can help protect you from:
1. UV rays
2. Enable you with a better vision of the road while driving.
3. Keep you cool even in the heat of summer.

How dark are you allowed to tint your windows?
As per California law you can tint back doors & Back Glass as dark as you want but front 2 windows there is a limit
How often should you replace window tint?

Standard films generally last up to 5 years on average.

Premium quality films made with metal, ceramic, and high grade polyester can last up to 10 years time.

The lifespan of window tint will decrease over a period of time, if maintenance isn’t done properly.

Does car window tinting go on the inside or outside?
You can install film anywhere you can access, however in most of the situations it is preffed to be done on the insides.