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504 Emory St, San Jose, California 95110

Mobile Auto Glass Repair in San Jose

A chipped or cracked windscreen might not seem like a significant issue, especially if you are busy with work and life; however, if left unattended, it can become an expensive repair and dangerous vehicle safety issue.

It is impossible to avoid stones and gravel from the road from damaging your windscreen, side car window, and car bodywork, even with your best efforts. These are, by far, the most common causes of vehicle glass damage. Because the damage is unexpected and seemingly minor, it is easy to ignore – but it can lead to some major issues.

Windscreens damaged by chips or cracks are weaker than they should be, this is a safety hazard in the case of an accident and can also lead to penalties if you are pulled over.

A chip or crack is particularly sensitive to extreme weather and if it isn’t treated can soon lead to a split across the windscreen – this will require a full replacement instead of a minor repair, which can be expensive.

If you notice any damage to the glass on your windscreen, the best thing to do is to contact a local mobile glass repair shop that can fix or replace your windscreen while you wait. It is a small job that can be taken care of on a lunch break or after work.

GlassFixit Mobile Auto Glass or Mobile Windshiled Repair Services are ready to come and repair your windscreen anywhere you choose at a time that is most convenient for you. During the pandemic, we adhere strictly to social distancing rules and ensure there is no unnecessary contact with customers.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair Vs in-Shop Services

There is never a convenient time to repair a cracked or damaged windscreen, which is why GlassFixit offers different services to suit different needs. Some people like to come into their local auto glass repair shop and have their windscreen repaired while they wait – others prefer to have it fixed while they’re in the office or relaxing at home.

Both situations are feasible with GlassFixit windscreen services. If you choose to come to the shop, you will need to schedule an appointment, which can be done quickly online. If you prefer a mobile auto glass or windshield repair service, then GlassFixit is well set up to service your vehicle wherever you are. 

Many people prefer this option as it saves precious time on an unexpected windscreen repair that doesn’t fit into their schedules. Furthermore, the repair can be done while they work or outside the home. GlassFixit’s mobile auto glass service is quick and convenient. Choose your appointment within a specific timeframe, and we will keep you informed on the day to provide you with an accurate arrival time. 

Advantages of Mobile Auto Glass Services

Despite the comfortable and professional services offered to customers at many locations around the country, the majority of people still opt for mobile services. There are some definite advantages to this, some of which are outlined above. Other factors include the safety and security of the mobile service offered, as well as professionalism.

GlassFixit takes security and personal safety very seriously. When you make a mobile appointment with us we ask that you provide your email address so that we can send you a technician’s profile. You will receive their name, a profile photo, along with their credentials so that you know who to expect. Our technicians are closely monitored and very professional individuals.

During the current Covid-19 Pandemic, GlassFixit has several procedures in place to ensure customers are safe and free from any unnecessary contact. Our mobile auto glass technicians will come to your home and repair your windscreen while adhering to CDC social distancing guidelines.

Expect technicians to greet you with a thumbs up and a smile instead of a handshake. You will not be required to provide an electronic signature, and if you prefer to avoid contact entirely, you can leave the keys of the dashboard. Stay safe in your home while our professional technicians get you back on the road.