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Windshield Calibration


As the field of technology is expanding, the windshield on the car is absolutely no exception. Any expert in the auto glass industry would know that a windshield is not any ordinary glass. Current vehicles including the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) make use of computer imaging sensors, radars, cameras to provide an improved and safer driving experience. These amenities affect the overall functioning of the car. Such systems advance with each model release. The ADAS assists the car to operate in a more automated manner. This can be as uncomplicated as sensor-operate wipers. In several modern cars, the ADAS also helps with night vision facilities. A few examples of the ADAS feature are:

  1. Park Assistance
  2. Collision warning
  3. Controlling the headlights
  4. Wiper sensors
  5. Pedestrian safety 
  6. Adaptive cruise control
  7. Traffic sign recognition
  8. Wrong-way driving signal
One might also note that as windshields become more complex, so does the process of its replacement.

What is windshield Calibration

As mentioned earlier, modern-day vehicles include numerous parts such as cameras, sensors and more. Thus, when the windshields need to be replaced, these parts need to be removed and re-fitted. Even a minor difference in the position of any feature could greatly impact the car, and possibly compromise its security as well. For this purpose, the calibration process tests the functioning and placements of all the parts to assure its credibility and reinstate its camera to OEM specifications. Although it seems like a reasonable task, this job requires immense training and practice.

Now, you must be wondering how does ADAS have any relation to the windshield? Well, it is absolutely necessary to install the windshield in a perfect arrangement with the cameras and sensors. Particular areas of the glass are also tinted to help the driver beware of the road ahead.

If a potential accident were to occur and the windshield was improperly calibrated with the sensors, it could cause the car to carry out tasks at the wrong moment, leading to disasters. You must get your windshield calibrated if an error message shows up on your dashboard. In order to properly align your windshield, you must approach our professionals at Glassfixit. Here, we carry out two calibration tests.

  1. Static calibration: This test includes stationary targets fitted ahead of the vehicle throughout the procedure.
  2. Dynamic calibration: This test calls for the cameras and other devices to operate through a series of movements.

What is the cost of windshield calibration

While calculating the fees, it is important to note that the window with motion sensors could almost double up the cost of windshield replacement. Insurance could cover the cost ADAS sensory device calibration. For further insight on those aspects, it is best to approach your insurance agents.

We pride ourselves to provide windshield calibrations at Glassfixit. You can rely on us for offering our best, customer friendly services. We have immense expertise and training in this field and all the equipment necessary for carrying out first-class calibration for your windshield. With our amenities, your vehicle is in safe hands and within the guidelines necessary for such replacements. Get in touch with us today to receive assistance from our trained technicians at Glassfixit.