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Windshield Repair in San Jose

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If you are a car owner who has to commute to work each day in San Jose, driving through the early morning traffic jam may not be an interesting experience. Nevertheless, once you hit the road riding in your car with its broad windshield intact, you are good to go. A small crack on your windshield, on the other hand, can greatly hamper your field of view. When that happens, your safety will hang in the balance, and the aesthetic value of your lovely car will also depreciate.

Well, there isn’t cause to worry; if you are a car owner who has an eye for car safety and beauty, visit GlassFixit for your car windshield repair in San Jose.

What Is A Chip On The Windshield?

A chip on a windshield arises when small objects such as rocks collide with your car’s windscreen and cause damage to the glass. Depending on the size of the projectile impacting your windscreen, a chip can cause some damage to an area on your vehicle’s windshield.

The big question is, how do you know that a chip has occurred while you are driving? Assuming that the chip’s location is your line of sight, you may be able to spot it easily. Even if you don’t see it, your ears may pick up the loud noise that usually occurs when foreign debris strikes your windscreen.

What Is A Crack?

A crack is a jagged small opening in a windshield. It’s a bad idea to drive with a cracked windshield because it decreases driver-visibility and offers less protection. When you encounter a cracked windshield problem, don’t hesitate to visit the nearest car windshield repair shop in San Jose for immediate solutions. If the damage is too wide, you may have to replace the whole piece of the windshield. It can also be a minor crack or a chip that measures six inches or less. Look for “windshield repair in San Jose, CA” and schedule a repair appointment with GlassFixit.

How Do Chips & Cracks Occur?

Because windshields are usually made of transparent glass materials, they are brittle. Cracks and chips can appear on your car’s windscreen when nearby vehicles accidentally cause debris from their tires to fly onto your windshield.

In other situations, small rocks can fall off from dumper tracks that are high above your car, and use the same route with you. Chips may just appear as tiny spots on your windshield, but when you don’t detect them in time, they can grow into large cracks.

Steps To Follow For Windshield Repair

The accumulation of dirt in the affected area can make your screen repair procedure ineffective. Therefore, the earlier you get the cracks and chips fixed, the better your driving experience. If on the other hand, a driver is too busy to get the cracks patched up immediately, there are safety precautions they can take to prevent the conditions from worsening over time.

Here is what you should do when a chip or crack occurs on your windshield.

  • Cover the damaged area with packing tape to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating.
  • Try not to wash your car until you fix the problem. Even if you must clean your car, don’t use cold water.
  • The driver should not exert internal pressure on the windshield because that can lead to further expansion of the chips and cracks.
  • Don’t use super glue or any other adhesives to mend the chips and cracks. This maintenance procedure is ineffective, and it can actually cause more harm than good to your windshield.
  • Visit GlassFixit for your windshield repair requirements before temperature fluctuations cause your small chips to grow into deep cracks.

Windshield Repair FAQs

Does windshield repair work?
Yes, it does work. However, factors such as age of the glass & span of the chip needs to be taken into consideration for determining the efficacy of the auto glass repair job.
When to repair windshield?

1. Glass is tempered & not laminated.
2. Crack is longer than a dollar bill.
3. Crack / Chip is very deep (more than halfway into the windshield)
4. Crack / Chip extends to the outside edge of the windshield.

How bad is it to drive with a cracked windshield?
Driving with a broken windshield should also be avoided. The damaged glass may disturb the vision of the driver which could result in an accident / injury.