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Windshield Parts

What is a Windshield?

The glass placed in front of the vehicle, which provides a clear steering vision and safety to the driver is known as the windshield. It can also be referred to as a ‘windscreen’ in several countries. Mostly, windshields are produced from safety laminated glass. Initially, the purpose of the windscreen was simply to avoid the strong breeze hitting against the drivers while travelling; but in due course, the usage of a windshield has expanded, now also used to provide security, facilitated with airbags. Glass windshields mainly emerged into the market in the early 1900s. It was initially made from tempered glass. However, as times changed, the material was switched to a more durable one: Laminated glass. The reason behind this is that it is more flexible and hence, reduces the risk of shattering. This type of glass is considered safe and required by law in countries like the United States. It is necessary to have a glass that can withstand hard-hitting objects during minor collisions. The size of a windshield ultimately depends on the car model.

Features and Importance of Windshields

As mentioned earlier, today a windshield is famously known for protecting the passengers when an accident occurs. It acts as a barrier between the harmful object and the persons within. A windshield also protects the car from the rain during monsoons. Along with the windshield, other features like seatbelts and airbags are provided for the same motives. It also mitigates the effect of the debris due to its manufacturing process. To simplify, the windshield is made of two layers including a material known as polyvinyl butyral between the two panes. This layer does not allow the matter to affect the inner glass, thus only affecting the outer layer. This keeps the driver safe from possible casualties. A windshield prevents the intrusion of dust, bugs, pebbles, and other unwanted elements from the road in the vehicle. Very few people may be aware of this, but each car must include an SRS (Safety Restraint System) which includes airbags, seatbelts, and windshields. Even if one of these items is missing in a car, it could lead to serious injuries to the driver. Thus, one must always consider a windshield as a protective unit of the vehicle.

A Manual to Auto Glass Parts:

Rear Windshield: As the name suggests, ‘rear windshield’ refers to the fact that this screen is placed at the end of the car, opposite to the front windshield. Like cars, in trucks, this glass is referred to as a truck slider, as they usually have a sliding pane. Generally, a rear windshield in a car is used to provide a vision of the background to the driver. Nowadays, back windows also include wipers to remove dirt and dust from the shield.

Sidecar window Glass: These windows are located on either side of the vehicle. Modern cars now include electric side windows that roll down to provide ventilation. Typically, truck and car side panels are made of tempered glass.

Vent window: A vent window is one feature of the car that has been gradually disappearing from the automobile industry. They are small, triangular, and pivoting windows fitted into the main window, usually next to the retractable windows to deliver adequate ventilation to the passengers. Vent windows are different from quarter glasses when they can tilt open. In modern cars, almost none of the vent glasses can open.

Quarter Glass: This window is also known as a ‘valence window’. The small, wedge-shaped windows are generally positioned near the joints of your car and are referred to as quarter windows. These windows are normally the end piece of glass on either side of the vehicle. Quarter windows are placed at the front or rear end of the car, along with the retractable windows. One mustn’t mistake this glass for opera-glass, which is found in older automobiles.

Truck slider window: Usually for pickup trucks, this glass provides safety to the car driver and supplies ample ventilation as well. It is very common for a truck to include a truck back window, also known as a truck slider glass. These types of windows can be compared to the rear windshields of a car due to the close similarity in their structure.

Sunroof: This part of the car is an absolute pleasure and a breath of fresh air for the occupants in the car. It is also referred to as a ‘moonroof’. A sunroof can either be fixed or a sliding one. If it is a fixed sunroof, one way to open it is by unhooking the hinges and lifting it upwards. A sliding sunroof stacks along the track of the car, providing more space. A broken sunroof can cause a severe nuisance to the passengers by letting the dust and dirt from outside settle in.

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