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Audi Windshield Repair

Audi Windshield Replacement


Audi is one of the top-most luxury car brands all over the world, which designs mainly premium cars. Apart from luxurious sedans, Audi also offers SUVs and sports cars worldwide. Other than its commendable performance, it consists of a plush, deluxe and cutting-edge technology such as the Audi AI, driving assist.


As a highly classy vehicle, it undoubtedly requires continual checking and maintenance. This applies to the windshields as well.

Glass damage is never expected; it usually occurs due to unfortunate events. It can be said with confidence that even the most expensive cars can bear cracks or chips on windshields. If your windshield is damaged, it won’t be able to provide you any of the safety functions for which it is installed. One must not let the damage done to the windshield linger on for too long. This could eventually lead to major mishaps in the future, or even complete destruction of the windscreen. If not addressed in time, safety functions like the airbags could be neglected of their use, hence, increasing the risk of more injury during an accident. Such instances will prove extremely harmful to the driver. Whether it is a chip or a crack, you must get it addressed by an expert. For carrying out windshield replacement, our brand only uses top-notch facilities.


A windshield, like any other part of the car, is an integral element. Thus, it is understood that a cracked windshield on an Audi calls for urgent addressing by our professionals. All Audi components have a standard ‘one-year warranty’. In the cars like Audi A3 and Audi A4, technological components like the rain sensors and other driver assistance systems are dependant on the windshield. For this purpose, it is necessary to get it checked. For repairing the windshield, we use high quality resin to strengthen the windshield and make it as good as new, without compromising on the value of the model.


Our advanced technological assistance is beneficial for the better treatment of the windshield and other components as well. Whether you must get it replaced or not, you can count on the experts here at ‘Glassfixit’ to assist you in examining your damaged windshield and tending to it with utmost care and safety. Our trained professionals have years of experience in this field and you can trust us with your Audi. Our extensive network can successfully help you receive our hassle-free services.


Naturally, depending on the intensity of the crack or chip, the final cost will vary. Typically, a replacement does cost more than the repair. One can also note that additional costs could also affect the overall price. The additional costs being reinstalling the driver assistance system and recalibrating the sensors. At most times, a complete replacement is the viable answer to the damaged windscreen, to provide further complications. However, if the chip is smaller than 6 inches, repairing the windshield is an available option as well. Approach the nearest warehouse for one-on-one guidance or reach out to us through our website.