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Volkswagen Windshield Repair

Volkswagen Windshield Repair in San Jose


Volkswagen. The brand which has been celebrated in the automobile industry for its economical approach, often referred to as the ‘people’s car’ is one of the leading volume carmakers today. Founded by the German Labour Front and Ferdinand Porsche in the year 1937 to the request of Adolf Hitler, this auto manufacturer was established in Berlin.

It is headquartered in Wolfsburg. It is also prominent for their iconic Beetle, which captivated the minds of many car enthusiasts. These models hold a very high price in the markets even today.

Volkswagen was the largest automobile maker by worldwide sale in the years 2016 and 2017. The groups largest market is in China.

The German term ‘Volk’ means ‘people’, thus translating to Volkswagen’ meaning ‘people’s car’. The reason behind this is that during the 1930s, cars were considered to be quite a luxury. However, with the introduction of the Volkswagen at a price almost about the price of a small motorcycle, it became accessible to everyone. Popular models by this company like the Atlas, Golf, and more have successfully dominated the market. In fact, the sixth generation VW Golf launched in 2008, came runner up in the 2009 European Car of the Year. Currently, on their way to becoming a sustainable brand, they rely on a cross- brand and efficient research network. This involves an innovative working network and detailed co-operation. Volkswagen has made a firm commitment towards a sustainable, transparent and responsible management.

With highest regards to human rights, they believe that economic operations can only be carried out by acting ethically with pure integrity and responsibility. They are truly devoted and obligated towards their human rights policies and principles. Furthermore, they structure their operations in line with the UN guiding principles for ‘Business and Human Rights’. A few of their priorities include welfare in labour, tolerant environment and safety. The Volkswagen Passenger Cars vision is “Moving people and driving them forwards”. Presently, Volkswagen remains a force due to their resourcefulness, affordability, and loyal customer base. Their reliable performance, economic satisfaction proves to be the kind of brand the car industry needs. They have a vision, “Shaping Mobility- For Generation to come”.


From the above statements and facts, it can be said with assurance that Volkswagen is a reliable car brand. However, even the most reliable car brands cannot withstand damage. Especially the windshields. As every other feature of the car, the windshield is equally important in a vehicle. It not only provides an enhanced vision of the road ahead, but also protects the driver and passengers from potential accidents or mishaps.

Thus, even a minor chip must be addressed as early as possible. If not paid attention to, the chip can turn into something quite severe.


Here at Glassfixit, we are available to provide our services for Volkswagen models. Replacement is usually the last option while addressing the issue. Additionally, the overall cost of the repair will vary as per the model and year of manufacturing. It can also depend on the quality of windshield you wish to choose for replacement. With several advanced features available along with the windshield such as HUD screens, etc; the driving experience has become more convenient and relaxed as compared to earlier. Thus, additional factors can also increase the price accordingly.